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xTIME for Palm OS1 or higher 


Version Release Date File Size
Version 2.9 12. Jan 2004 xTIME_29.ZIP 157 KB
Version 2.8 01. Jun 2002 xTIME_28.ZIP 157 kb
Version 2.7 24. Nov 2001 xTIME_27.ZIP 156 KB
Version 1.5b 30. Nov 2000 xTIME_15.ZIP 194 kb
Version 1.2 (French)  01. Jun 2000 xTIME_12f.ZIP 164 KB

* Version 2.6,2.7,2,8 support only Palm OS 3.0 or higher. On color device it will open in color mode on other it will work in B&W.
* Version 1.5b and 1.2 of xTIME support all version of Palm OS, and devices from Pilot 1000/5000 to ...

* Special thanks to Philippe Guillemette for French translation.
* Special thanks to Jesper Nørgaard for Daylight Saving Time information
* Special thanks to Jonathan Jay for xTime (International Decimal Time) information.

Download troubleshooting:

Try this mirror sites :
- on Tripod 
- on Geocities
- on Internet CG


Fell free to mail Monte Soft and ask any question.
This Program is written with GNU compiler and a little help of PilotMAG