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xTIME for Palm OS

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All In One


This form is divided into the four part. 
- First part display current date.
- Second part display current time in a big digit.
- Third part display active Alarm, Timer or current month calendar.
- Fourth part display time and date of first Alarm, Timer, Snooze in a list of xTIME events.

How To Use

Tap on Date to change date display type
- Tap on Time part to change date display type. You can select time to be displayed with or without seconds, in AM/PM or full time mode.
- Tap on third part to switch between Timer, Alarm, Calendar display mode.


- Every form in xTIME has a two small scrolling bars at bottom of right. This scrolling bars are Timer and Stopwatch Animation bar. Stopwatch has gray animation line, and timer has black bar. This bars are animated only if one of Timer or Stopwatch are working.
- To disable this options go to menu setup and uncheck "Animation in corner"