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PilotMAG for Windows 95/98/NT 

This procedure is for installation with prc-tools 0.5.0. If you use prc-tools 2.0 installation, please refer to detail instruction.

Installation Procedure

* For proper installation, you need first to install Pilot GCC (GNU C Compiler) pack. This pack contains resource and code compiler and linker for building Palm applications.
   Notice: PilotMAG is not a compiler. It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the GNU Compiler. It helps you design forms for the PILRC compiler (included in the GCC Pack), automatically generates the code, and calls the GCC compiler and linker to build your application.

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* After you install GCC, you can install the PilotMAG pack. You should correctly install GCC (must be in your search path) before starting PilotMAG.
* All updates are just EXE programs PilotMAG.exe and they need any full Version to work. To update the latest, version just copy the newly downloaded PilotMAG.exe file over the old one.
* Use the latest version and the latest update.
* Download and unpack API Help to the PilotMAG directory, enter the PilotMAG program (Environment Options) and setup a path to help file.

This is installation procedure for prc-tools 0.5.0. It is highly recommended for beginners to start with this version of GCC compiler. For trouble installation, please read more information here, or follow this useful links.

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