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PilotMAG for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP 


Version Release Date File Size
Version 4.4 (Full) 25. Jan 2003 PMAG_44.EXE 1.77 MB
Version 4.4u 25. Jan 2003 PMAG_44u.ZIP 590 KB
Version 4.3 (Full) 29. Apr 2002 PMAG_43.EXE 1.73 MB
Version 4.3u 29. Apr 2002 PMAG_43u.ZIP 589 KB

* Version 4.4 is the full install version (see History) (contain xFONT)
* Update 4.4u is the PilotMAG.exe file with install instructions. Contains start up Icons all formats.

This Palm-Debugger version is compatible with the Windows 2000 driver update. This version updates the version from the PalmOSGNUTools(1.10) above.

Download files separately

Version Release Date File Size
Update 4.4u 25. Jan 2003 PMAG_44u.ZIP 590 KB
API Help 1.1 12. Jan 1999 PMAG_API_HELP.ZIP 147 KB
PilotMAG Help 09. Jul 1999 PMAG_DOC.ZIP 65 KB
Template 24. Feb 1999 PMAG_TEMPLATE.ZIP 15 KB
PilotMAG Fonts 17. Mar 1999 PMAG_FONTS.ZIP 14 KB
PilotMAG Samples 25. Jan 2003 PMAG_SAMPLES.ZIP 50 KB

Alternate installation: Unzip specified files in the specified directory.

X:\..\PilotMAG            <- PMAG_44u.ZIP (Program)
X:\..\PilotMAG            <- PMAG_API_HELP.ZIP
X:\..\PilotMAG            <- PMAG_FONTS.ZIP
X:\..\PilotMAG\Doc        <- PMAG_DOC.ZIP
X:\..\PilotMAG\Template   <- PMAG_TEMPLATE.ZIP
X:\..\PilotMAG\Samples    <- PMAG_SAMPLES.ZIP
X:\..\PilotMAG            <- xFONT.ZIP (optional)

* (u) at the end denotes the update of same version. (the short version)

Download troubleshooting:

Try this mirror sites :
- on Tripod 
- on Geocities
- on Internet CG


- If you are satisfied with the program, you can register it with KAGI or PalmGear online store.
- I will reply you with the Registration Key.
- After registration, you can access the full capabilities of the PilotMAG.
- All updates are free.

Notice: KAGI and PalmGear are my salesman and you can contact them about the payment procedure and similar stuff... But everything about the program, Registration Key, problems, ... mail MonteSoft please.