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xMONEY for Palm OS3 or higher 

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  • xMONEY display all transaction in different kind of display. User can easy switch try display type by taping on buttons on bottom of screen.
  • Form title contain current view mode, and could be Chronological, By Month, By Quarter, By Year.
  • At right side of form title there are Account selector
  • Main form is divided in three part: Filter description line at top, list of transaction in middle and bottom part which contain navigation buttons and display total.
  • Navigation buttons are divided in five parts: 
    New - Create new transaction
    Filter - Open form where user set up filter
    View Mode - Four button where user can switch type of view.
    In/Out - Three button which filter transactions between Incoming, Outgoing or Both.
    Up/Down - Buttons which scroll list of transaction.

  • Chronological view display date, transaction type, amount, and currency. 


  • User can choice type of all views in program "Preferences...". Call this form from main menu and choice do you want to display currency and decimal digit in amout column.

By Month
  • By Month view display Month, Amount, and currency. 


  • Tap on any Month lines in transaction list and xMONEY will automatically create filter for that  month, activate filter and switch view mode to Chronological.
  • Use the same logic for Quarter and Year display.


By Quarter
  • By Quarter view display Quarter of Year, Amount, and Currency. 


  • Tap on currency near total and change currency which you want. xMONEY will automatically recalculate total to new selected currency. 
  • After user change display mode, xMONEY automatically recalculate total, and during that calculation progress bar will display in left bottom part of form.


By Year
  • By Year view display Year, Amount, and Currency.


  • Tap on button near form title to activate or deactivate filter
  • Tap on Trigger button on right top part of form to change Account.