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xMONEY for Palm OS3 or higher 

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 Set Filter
  • xMONEY offer setting a Custom filter for money transaction.
  • Setting Filter from offer all field to made filter condition. This fields are:
    Transaction Type, Payment Type, Currency and Date period (From date to Date)
  • All or part of this fields could be in filter condition.
  • Filter also should be activated


  • Press "Clear Filter" to clear all filter conditions.
  • Press ">>" near From/To to clear date condition.
  • Empty filter conditions are marked with "...". To clear Type, Payment, Currency tap on it and selec "..."

Display Filter
  • After filter is Set and activate, xMONEY recalculate current balance and display only transaction witch are in filter condition.
  • Filter is displayed in two part on main form. 
  • At the top of main form filter is displayed as: Transaction Type, Payment Type, Currency.
  • At bottom of main form second part of filter is displayed: From date, To date.


  • Use small check box in top filter line to Activate / Deactivate filter. This action do the same as Active check box on Set Filter form.
  • In View mode (By Month, By Quarter, By Year). Taping on any group transaction line create automatically filter for that period.