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xMONEY for Palm OS3 or higher 

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  • xMONEY has ten world currency. The relation between currency are set on date of program creation and should be changed by user. 
  • Every Currency has:
    Code - Three character length Currency identification.
    Name - Name of Currency
    Rate - Current rate for that currency.
  • Main currency form display: Home currency, list of currency and editing buttons.
  • "Done" return to previous form, "Edit" radio button means that we are in edit mode and "Home" radio button means that we are in Setting Home currency mode.
  • Home currency rate is 1(one). When user change home currency, program automatically change rate of all other currency. 
  •  setting a Custom filter for money transaction.

Display Filter
  • While we are in "Edit" mode and taping on one of currency will bring us to Edit currency form.
  • This form allow as to edit Code, Name and Rate of currency.
  • Rate is displayed related to Home currency.


  • Only currency marked "Favorite" will display in program during selecting currency.
  • Pat on "Invert" button to invert current edited and home currency.