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xFONT for Windows 95/98/2000/NT


- xFONT is a Windows 9x/NT program which allow you to design Custom Fonts for Palm.
- User can create a new font starting from beginning or import any Windows font and make modification than.
- Easy character editing, moving, sizing, copying, ...
- Direct Custom Font Header editing.
- font generate a font file (PILRC format) which can import in your project as resource.
- xFONT is compatible with PilotMAG on witch you can design your forms in true WYSIWYG.


- By default install xFONT in X:\..\PilotMAG, than you can easy call it from PilotMAG toolbar.
- You can unpack and xFONT to any directory you want.


Version Release Date File Size
xFONT 1.1 24. Feb 2001 211 KB

* xFONT is extern program for generating custom Pilot fonts to import in PilotMAG. It is free.

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